Fine Merino Wool Gifts and Clothing


Fabric Care

Fine Merino Wool garment care.

Detergents must NOT be used as they will cause the colour to fade


The garments are made from 100% Australian wool. The garments or fabric must be cared for in strict accordance with the following care guidelines. Failure to do so may affect the life and colour of the garment.

1./ Garments must be hand-washed in cool water using an approved wool wash which has been diluted according to the instructions.
2./ Garments should be washed separately as some excess colour may appear in the water this is normal.
3./ The garments should be washed as little and as quickly as possible.
4./ The garments should be drip-dried in the shade. If dried on a hanger very little ironing should be required.

Garments can also be dry-cleaned.

The colours may fade with time or prolonged exposure to strong sun.